Jamarcol 2

Jamarcol is a company that completed its 40 years of activity in 2018. Since the beginning, it was evidenced by its transparency, seriousness and commitment with all stakeholders.

Over the years Jamarcol has grown in a balanced and sustained way, adjusting the investments to its markets, always based on the control of the entire metal forming value chain.

1977 0

Founded in 1977, JAMARCOL initiated its production in 1978 with six workers, its founding partners.

At that time, it only produced muffler exhaust systems for the national market. By the end of 1978 it had grown to 16 workers, and had a gross revenue of 5.595.000$00 (27 907,74€).

1985 0

In this year JAMARCOL started the export activity, especially for Netherlands and France’s markets, in the area of ??metal parts for PTW vehicles.


2001 0

In this year was founded, by the same JAMARCOL’s managers, RIJOMOTOR, a company dedicated to import and export components for motorcycles and quads.

1991 0

Since then, a growth strategy based on accompanying market tendencies has been implemented in an effort to increase exports and become a privileged supplier for some assembly lines.In fact, since 1991 we can witness a constant growth in exports, averaging approximately 85% of total revenue.La même année, et avec le but d'accroître la capacité de production, les directeurs de JAMARCOL ont décidé d'acheter AUTOFER, une entreprise avec des processus de production similaires.

In the same year, and with the aim of increasing production capacity, the JAMARCOL’s General Managers have decided to buy AUTOFER, a company with similar production processes.

1995 0

For strategic reasons, in this year JAMARCOL bought a new company, SELCENTRO. This company’s core business is the production of saddles for two wheels vehicles.


2001 0

Following the integration of Portugal in the European Union, and gradual adaptation to the respective Directives of Labor and Environmental Safety, JAMARCOL has reinvested a significant part of its profit in the expansion of its production facilities. Since 1996, it has boasted a production facility with an area of 10 000m2.

2011 0

Throughout the years, JAMARCOL’s excellent response to client demands has enabled it to meet the necessary requirements for its NP EN ISO 9002:1995 certification, which occurred in June of 2000.

In 2000 and 2001 JAMARCOL attained the status of “PME Excellency”.

2001 0

This year begins a partnership (which still remains today) with a multinational in the field of Fitness and Sports, wich allowed diversify the main activity area of the entire Group.


2012 0

In 2003 JAMARCOL initiated a new chapter, by taking on projects of ever increasing complexity. These products are destined for motorized vehicles of a world-renowned motorcycle company. The two-wheeled vehicle’s structure (frame) begins to have an increased importance over the remaining components.

As evidence of its strong investment in the future, JAMARCOL has modernized its Robotic Welding Section with updated technology in order to adapt its capabilities to the market tendencies.  

JAMARCOL’s SGQ was upgraded to NP EN ISO 9001:2000 in August of 2003 after being audited without any major non-conformity.

2005 0

For the fitness and sport’s area, it were developed and put into action 5 assembly lines for medium and large series.

The acquisition of new technologically advanced equipment, namely welding robots and presses, continues to be one of the priorities when investment decisions are made.


2013 1

In 2008 JAMARCOL launched the first Exhaust System conceived internally, the “Silencioso SSS” which was certified by the Directive 97/24/CE.

On October 14th, 2008, JAMARCOL met the strictest requirements and obtained the status of “PME Leader.”

2009 1

On February 27, 2009 Jamarcol obtained the Environmental License issued by the Portuguese Environment Agency. JAMARCOL's Quality Management System moved to NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 in March 2009, following an audit with no major nonconformities. In 2010 JAMARCOL started implementing an Environmental Management System integrated with the Quality Management System.

2010 0

Following the Strategic Marketing Plan set in 2009, JAMARCOL becomes commercially more aggressive in order to diversify further its activity area, thereby decreasing the dependence of the PTW’s market.

2011 0

Due to the downturn in the PTW's market, in 2011 JAMARCOL was forced to redefine its strategy, focusing on product and geographic market diversification. In order to achieve these goals, Jamarcol has invested in productive equipment such as a high speed tube cutting machine, a 250 ton hydraulic press with a plate unwinder, TIG welding machines and a Twin robot cell adapted for TIG welding. To meet criteria in the area of ??SHST an extension of the administrative building was made.


Following the Strategic Marketing Plan and similarly to the previous years, Jamarcol invest in more productive equipment, in this case a CNC Press Brake Machine with 7 Axles.

Also as in the previous year, and to fill some space gaps, Jamarcol bought another building in the same geographical area, increasing the total area to 25.000m2;


2013 0

After some consultation and evaluation time, in 2013 the Jamarcol LEAN production implementation project begins in several sectors. In 2013 laser cutting technology became a reality in Jamarcol's production, with the acquisition of a LT FIBER tube cutting machine

2015 0

In 2015, after the departure of Autofer from its adjoining facilities to Jamarcol, the installation of a new modern painting line with completely updated technology (rapid-change paint booths, reciprocators, nanotechnological surface treatment, etc.).

2016 0

In 2016, new equipments were acquired:

- Combined laser cutting (plate + tube) to increase tube cutting capacity and reduce dependency on the laser plate cutting process with our suppliers, with time and cost savings;

- Angled tube cutting handsaw, to increase production capacity. Also in 2016, JAMARCOL invested in new infrastructure with the purchase of the facilities of an adjoining company from Jamarcol geographic area.

2017 0

In order to modernize JAMARCOL's infrastructures, the floor was renovated in 2017, with new cover and LED lighting in the company's older facilities. Continuing the project of renovation and modernization of production equipment, it was also in 2017 that JAMARCOL invested in new sheet metal cutting, tube cutting, polishing and press machines.

2018 0

In 2018, continuing the investment plan for new equipment, a new tube bending machine, a new CNC press brake machine and new presses were acquired. In order to make internal data communication more efficient, a massive restructuring of the entire IT infrastructure was carried out in 2018, with the inclusion of high technology equipments at various workstations. JAMARCOL's Quality Management System was moved to NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 in March 2018, following an audit with no major nonconformities.

2019 0

Already in 2019, requalification works were carried out in some sectors of the company, with the aim of making internal movements more efficient and also to give more social conditions to employees. Also for 2019 is planned the investment in new productive equipments.

In this year, we've developed a new website for Jamarcol, more dynamic and attractive.


The year 2020 was essentially guided by investment in our environmental sustainability strategy. In this sense, this year, we replaced the fiber cement roof of some pavilions with a sandwich panel and installed LED lighting to replace halogen projectors.


This year, in addition to investing in the modernization and efficiency of our infrastructure, we have also made some investments in equipment and new technologies. We proceeded with the purchase of a new trivalent chrome plating line and new welding robots for iron and aluminum.


This year is essentially marked by the transition from Jamarcol's management to the second generation of leadership.

The company's 45th Anniversary is also celebrated.